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Customer Service

First, service and support

Professional salesmen provide you with comprehensive technical advice, fully understand the performance characteristics of products, according to the different situations of customers to provide you with technical services such as plant, layout, personnel training, business budget and suggestions. Professional technicians after machine acceptance and use carry out the whole process tracking service, provide free installation, debugging, technical training services for users, and visit customers regularly.

Various specifications and equipment requirements --- recommend a more applicable equipment plan -- confirm the contract - start production.

Predict the market - - recommend equipment solutions with long market life and higher long-term cost performance - - confirm contracts - - start production

Two. Customer service center:

Can we produce according to different specifications?

Answer: Yes, the equipment can be customized according to customer requirements.

Payment and production cycle?

Answer: 30% of the advance payment is made as a deposit. Upon receipt of the deposit, we will check and accept the goods within 60 days of production on schedule, and pay 70% of the balance for delivery after acceptance.

Will your machinery teach us how to operate?

Answer: Certainly, within 5 days after the machine arrives at its destination, we send debuggers to the site to install debugging and counseling, including training of operation technology and maintenance skills.

Warranty service and parts maintenance?

Answer: The warranty period of the equipment is one year, the parts are broken within one year, but the quality problems can be sent back to our company for repair, free renewal can not be maintained, sent to you in the fastest way, try not to delay production, details can be called our customer service personnel.

1, because of the large volume and quality of the mechanical equipment, the general choice of vehicle transportation.

2, the first choice for automobile freight distribution is transportation, covering all major cities and counties in the country. It takes time to distribute the goods, and the delivery time is not stable. Transportation time is based on information provided by distributing vehicles.

3, the provincial special vehicle direct access, the cost is high, the time is short, the delivery is prompt.

4, customers can also pick up their own goods at our factory and send cars to take delivery. For details, please contact customer service.

5. After the product is inspected and packaged, it will leave the factory. If it is damaged during transportation, please do not sign and accept it, and inform the seller in time. The company will lodge a claim with the logistics company, focusing on the interests of customers.

6. After the goods have been delivered, they need to be checked and accepted on the spot by themselves or authorized person and signed. If you have any objections to the products, please present them face to face. In order to ensure that customers can buy reassurance and use peace of mind, the whole process will be implemented without worry.

Three, after sales service:

Pre sale service:

Professional salesmen will explain the functions and use methods of products in detail for you, and provide you with technical services such as workshop, layout, personnel training, business budget and suggestions according to the different situations of customers.

Sale in service:

Professionals and training centers provide you with comprehensive technical consultation and training, fully understand the performance characteristics of the product, on-site training exercises, so that you not only buy equipment, but also master the technology.

After-sale service:

Specially equipped with a group of professional and experienced technicians to follow up the whole process, to answer customers'various difficult questions and needs, and also regularly visit customers to help customers.

1, to provide users with assembly drawings, manuals and other technical information. It also provides users with vulnerable spare parts and spare parts.

2, provide users with free installation, commissioning, technical training services.

3. Equipment is guaranteed free of charge for one year (except damage caused by equipment wear-out parts and improper operation of users). After the expiration of the warranty period, all spare parts are supplied at cost price.

Quality after sale:

After the machine is shipped to the buyer, the buyer prepares the test material. Our master then arrives at the buyer's factory to debug and train the machine. Until the buyer has completely mastered the machine operation equipment, we will immediately solve any problems with the machine. We hope to cooperate with our customers and develop together.

Our company has a free warranty for one year, providing technical support throughout life (not a year later).

Our company's equipment failure principle is that if small problems can be solved on the phone as far as possible to communicate on the phone, such as large failures can not be solved by ourselves, we will go to the door to repair, regardless of distance.

(if it is a technical problem, we can not operate the machine. We are responsible for your company's expenses. If it is a machine problem, repair and replace parts free of charge.