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ZB-350/450 unit label printing machine

Product Overview

This machine characteristics

1.Using ceramic roller to transfer the ink.

2.Each printing unit adopt 360  for registration.   

3. Equipped with three die cutting stations, the first and second die cuttingstation of the die cutting roller and die cutting low roller can beinterchanged, can be used for front or back die cutting and is equippedwith waste rewinding unit, the third station is sheeting.

4. The computer web guiding is located in front of the printing group, sothat the roll paper is kept in the correct left and right position throughoutthe production process.(standard).

5. Can be selected according to user needs to install the conveyor tabledevice, can be transported neatly by the conveyor table device.

6, the unwinding, rewinding is controlled by magnetic powder and can beinstalled double rewinding.

7. video monitor is optional for the customers to monitor the quality of thepicture during high-speed printing.

8. When stopping, the ink roller can be automatically disengaged and runat low speed to prevent dryink.

9.The main motor adoptsimported frequency stepless speed adjust.

10.Unwinding, printing, varnishing, lR drying, laminating and rewindingcan be finished in one process, this kind of printing machine is best for eachprinting companies to print on adhesive-paper labels and othercommerciallabel.

11.Automatic computer registration ,independent double retracting anddischarging rack(double airshafts).

12. Automatic return the printing roller device, sheeting ,conveyingplatform+ paperarrangement device,video monitor.


Characteristic Parameters
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