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Horizontal automatic cutting machine

Product Overview


Characteristic Parameters

An overview of the

The machine is suitable for BOPP, PET, CPP, PVC, aluminum foil, paper and other volumes of material points.

The main features

1. The machine control system in the machine interface, accompanied by the operation is simple and convenient.

2. The host USES the three-phase asynchronous motor, which can realize frequency control of motor speed.

3. The work of material membrane tension can be adjusted automatically (feeding with automatic tension control system).

4. The traction roller adopts horizontal pushing type cylinder roller; Is the film will not skid.

5. Struggle with synchronous motor, high precision ball screw, photoelectric sensor, the. Slide rail adopts linear bearing, mobile travel 130 mm, automatic struggle makes the cutting more precise leveling.

6. Cutting and using flat knife cutting and circular knife cutting.

7. Fabian automatic processing device.

8 coiling automatic processing device.

9. Winding shaft adopts horizontal rotary biaxial winding design, a single operation.

10. The automatic meter, can be automatically calculated when working in meters.

11. The machine can adjust all guide roller to eliminate the longitudinal and transverse deviation.


Main technical parameters



1300mm(Special order) 


 Max.Unwind Diameter 



 Max.Rewind Diameter 



 Cutting Width



 Lnner Dia



 Cutting thickness

10-75um(Flat knife cutting)

10-350um(Circular knife cutting)









 About 4.8 kw





 Overall Dimension


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