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Vertical automatic cutting machine

Product Overview


Characteristic Parameters


The machine is suitable for BOPP, PET, CPP, PVC, aluminum foil, paper and other separated coiled materials of various materials, in the process of production materials according to different requirements for trimming, etc. This machine is a vertical amphibious slitting machine, roll in the machine before and after release. Independent control panel, more flexible and convenient operation. The paper adopts magnetic powder clutch control. The edge material wind send or coiling device (option) when you order it. Material automatic meter length. The machine can adjust all guide roller to eliminate the longitudinal and transverse deviation.


This device with photo-electricity tracking, automatic struggle, tension control, winding counting the good performance, the characteristics of simple operation, stable operation. Is mainly used for plastic film, cellophane, paper, aluminum foil etc.

 Main technical parameters:


 Max. width

 1300mm(Special order)


 Max. Unwind. Diameter






 Cutting Width



 Lnner Dia



 Cutting thickness

 10-75um(Flat knife cutting)

 10-350um(Circular knife cutting)














 Overall Dimension


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