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Four color packaging flexo printing machine

Product Overview


Characteristic Parameters

The machine features:

1, receive a rolling this adopt servo motor, greatly improve the degree of automation, the machine have the characteristics of speed and higher accuracy.

2, use ceramic anilox roller transfer ink.

3, each printing unit adopts 360 degrees weeks to adjust version.

In printing, computer display device in front of the group, this design makes the paper in the whole process, will remain in the right position on the left and right sides. In the bone marrow (high).

5, Ann according to user requirements being optional static picture monitoring system, monitoring the surface quality in high-speed printing.

6, ink roller can automatically from when parking, and low speed operation, and to prevent ink and stem node.

7, main electromotor adopt import frequency conversion infinitely adjustable-speed.

8, from tube materials for paper, printing, polishing, automatic infrared drying, peritoneum, winding or cut hundreds times to complete, suitable for all kinds of food film paper, greaseproof paper double silicone, silicone oil paper, medical paper, white yellow kraft paper, corrugated base paper, and so on.

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