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Paper straw press

Product Overview



Characteristic Parameters

The machine features:

1, the main electromotor adopt import frequency conversion stepless speed regulation.

2, feeding pneumatic brakes, mix column valve (or equipped with Japan's mitsubishi automatic tension controller).

3, automatic feeding device by the analog sensor control.

4, winding using gas rose axis type winding back of a chair.

5, adopt ceramic anilox ink roller, has the characteristics of long service life, wear-resisting, corrosion resistance, for reducing The Times for changing the order to improve the efficiency of the printing.

6, printing unit with 360 degree circumferential version of the regulation. Each printing unit can dndepen or loosen teeth, to have the units continue printing.

7, each printing unit are equipped with a set of infrared drying device.

8, when parking the ink roller can automatically convey, to prevent ink from, low and quick stem node.

10, from the volume of material feeding, printing, automatic infrared drying, winding a coherent. The product has wide range of printing, ink, no pollution, high economic benefit, fast printing speed, etc. Suitable for various printing printing paper straw, such as the ideal paper laminating machine.

The main technical parameters:

Model: 650 type

Printing speed: 120 m/min

Can color: 4 color

Maximum web width: 650 mm

Printing maximum width: 650 mm

Put a roll diameter: 1000 mm

Winding diameter: 1000 mm

Printing circumference: 175-320 - mm

Alignment precision: + / - 0.1 mm

Dimensions: 5.5 (long) x 1.7 (width) x 2.3 (high) (m)

Machine weight: about 4500 kg

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