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Petal type flexographic printing machine

Product Overview

Machine characteristics

1. Suitable for printing various types of beer, milk, food, paper bags, and beverage cartons. Printing with water-based ink on paper can greatly improve printing quality and achieve large format and multi color color printing. 2. High production efficiency, more suitable for long version mass production; The corrugated cardboard boxes produced have high strength and strong compression resistance.

3. Save printing paper.

4. Reduce labor costs.

5. Main printing: food coated paper, oil proof paper, silicone oil paper, medical double silicone paper, white yellow kraft paper, corrugated base paper, paper cups, paper bags, medical bags, coated paper, film, self-adhesive labels, etc.

6. The cast wall panel of this equipment enhances stability, and the printing unit is designed with a pull-out design, making it easy to quickly install and replace color deck components.

7. Accurate horizontal and vertical registration capabilities meet the needs of high-quality printing, and a stable and accurate tension control system.

8. Standard supporting fully automatic correction, providing continuous printing material control.

9. Accurately equipped with a stroboscopic detection system, real-time monitoring of printing color and registration effect, drying ability, infrared and air drying.

10. Electric heating circulating air drying can be used to save operating costs. The control console is easy to use.


Main configuration:

1. Unwinding unit

Unwinding pneumatic brake+pneumatic proportional valve+automatic tension control system

Hydraulic loading and unloading

Paper break stop device

Equipped with an inflatable gun

2. Automatic deviation correction system

Equipped with a paper receiving table

The paper guide roller adopts high hardness oxidation treatment

Adopting ball screw electric actuator

Using ultrasonic sensors for deviation correction transmission induction

When there is a slight deviation during the movement of the paper web, the system can continuously and accurately correct it

Detection method: edge detection

Deviation correction accuracy: ± 0.12mm

3. Paper inlet/outlet system

Double pressure rubber roller combined pressure paper feeding

4. Printing color group

Pneumatic clutch pressure for anilox roller and plate roller

If the mesh roller and ink scraper are replaced, there is no need to readjust the pressure

Stainless steel ink tray

The plate roller adopts the latest petal structure, with stable pressure and fast roll changing, without the need for any tools

Automatic cleaning of the printing plate function: After each shutdown, the mesh roller is released from the pressure, and the plate roller continues to rotate for 1.5 seconds to transfer the ink on the printing plate to the paper, keeping the printing plate clean.

• Web roller rotation function: Each time the machine is stopped, the web roller will automatically operate to prevent ink from drying up on the surface of the web roller, causing mesh hole blockage.

Three roller gear: cp1/8, made of 20CrMnTi material, with high wear resistance and long service life

Full runout of anilox roller, plate roller, and bottom roller: ≤ 0.03mm

5. Drying system

Heating and drying of infrared short wave IR lamp tubes in the printing unit

Printing unit natural air blowing combination (including extraction and blowing fan), with adjustable intake and exhaust air volume

External closed air intake and exhaust integrated electric heating and drying oven for printing unit (high-speed startup as supplementary heat source)

6. Synchronous stroboscopic color detection unit

Real time image capture and detection of printed materials during the printing process, allowing for lateral movement from left to right

The detection position can be set horizontally and vertically

Able to zoom in on the detection image, locate and observe it

7. Winding unit

Winding vector motor tension control system

Hydraulic loading and unloading

Equipped with an inflatable gun

8. Automatic shutdown function for preset production completion

9. Can achieve multi-point speed regulation function

10. Touch screen control

11. Simple pasting machine

Characteristic Parameters

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