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Five colours flexographic printing presses

Product Overview


Characteristic Parameters

The basic principle of work:

Substrates by transmitting device into the next, which used to configure the printing unit, at the same time, the ink fountain roller rotation in ink fountain will ink to the anilox roller transfer ink, the anilox roll to the left or right of scraping knife to anilox roll the ink on the wall, under the anilox roll on concave cave in ink in the ink to the plate cylinder, then between plate cylinder and the impression cylinder to complete transfer ink, finally after paper device out into print.

The machine features:

1, using ceramic anilox roller transfer ink

2, feeding and discharging control by magnetic powder brake and clutch (or equipped with Japan's mitsubishi automatic tension controller).

3, each printing unit with 360 ° circumferential version of the regulation.

4, each printing unit has a set of infrared drying device.

5, random is equipped with a set of die cutting station, makes a complete printing and die cutting.

6, ink roller can automatically from when parking, and low speed operation, and to prevent ink and stem node.

7, main electromotor adopt import frequency conversion stepless speed regulation.

8, from tube materials for paper, printing, polishing, automatic infrared drying, laminating, die-cutting, winding once completed. Is the commercial paper, high-grade stickers trademark the ideal model.

The main technical parameters:

Printing speed:  100 m/min

Color number:  5 colors

Maximum width of the web:  320 mm

Printing maximum width:  310 mm

Put a roll diameter:  600 mm

Winding diameter:  600 mm

Printing circumference:  175-320 - mm

Accuracy:  + / - 0.1 mm

The dimensions:  2 (length) x 1.1 (width) x 2.6 m (high)

The weight:  About 2200 kg

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