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Paper bag packaging flexo printing machine

Product Overview


Characteristic Parameters

Performance characteristics:

1, from 1 to 13 color of color, to meet different customer needs

2, the thickness of the printing by 15 grams - 80 grams, 80 grams - 150 grams, 150 grams - 150 grams of different options

3, standard form a complete set of automatic correction, provides continuous printing material control

4, printing unit smoked pull type design, easy to color group of rapid installation and replacement parts

5, high drying capacity, infrared and blow dry

6, precise horizontal and vertical alignment ability, meet the needs of high quality printing

7, stable precision of tension control system

8, stroboscopic examination system, the standard testing printing color and alignment effect

9 and manipulation of the console is convenient to use

10, infinite expansion of space, realize the super attachment processing capacity

Scope of application:

1, food packaging, labels, beverage packaging label

2, medical drugs, health beauty products packaging with the tag

3, clothing, price tags

4, no stretch film printing

5, business, email and the envelope with the tag

Article 6, air travel luggage, boarding pass printing

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