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Petal type flexographic printing machine

Product Overview

Petal type flexographic printing machine

1.1.Applicable to all types of beer,milk,food, paper bag, beverage carton printing Use water-based ink printed in advance to

the tissues, can greatly improve the printing quality, large format, color of the color printing.

2.High production efficiency, it is more suitable for long version live in large quantities; production of corrugated box high

strength, compressive strength.

3.Standard automatic correction, continuous printing control,Save printing paper,Reduce labor costs.

4.Main printing material have Food Lin Mozhi, anti oil papers, silicone oil paper, medical double silicon paper, white yellow

kraft paper,corrugating medium, Paper cup, paper bag, Medical bag, Coated paper, film and so on.

5.This machine of casting type wall plate enhanced stability and printing unit drawing design, easy to color component of the

rapid installation and replacement.

6.Accurate lateral and vertical alignment capabilities to meet the needs of high quality printing, stable and accurate tension

control system.

7.Accurate configuration of stroboscopic detection system, real-time monitoring printing color and registration effect,

drying ability, infrared and hair dryer.

8.Electric heat circulation drying can be used to save operating costs,Operation console, easy to use.


Characteristic Parameters

Petal type flexographic printing machine

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