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Flexo printing unit

Product Overview


Characteristic Parameters


The machine adopts PLC control; Equipped with advanced automatic tension control system, coil correction system, the IR/UV drying system and printing image detection system; Ensures accurate alignment, perfect printing machine. According to the customer, can be equipped with automatic paper receiving system, printing, pressure circular die cutting, indentation, pressure bump, large pieces of cutting, cutting, waste and rewinding, vacuum exhaust, adhesive material strip printing and compound, all kinds of double-sided printing, intaglio printing, screen printing, attachment compound film, hot stamping, punching, folding and other functions, to achieve strong attachment processing capacity.

The product is suitable for use in tissue paper, cardboard, coated paper, adhesive, aluminum foil, and a variety of materials such as BOPP, PET plastic film printing, because this product use of non-toxic water-based ink or UV ink, accord with environmental protection printing standard, particularly suited to the food and drug packaging printing. Widely used in food and beverage packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, carton printed, tag, paper cups, label printing industry, etc.

Flexo machine type: type of unit

Printing color: 6 colors

Mode of operation: manual

Applicable objects: cups, bowls

Applicable materials: paper

Model: 650

Printing speed: 150 m/min (m/min)

The printing material width: 650 (mm)

Maximum print width: 650 (mm)

Print length range: 200-200 (mm)

Coil diameter: 1500 (mm)

Rubber sheet roller circumference: 450 (mm)

Accuracy + : 0. 15 (mm)

Weight: 4800 (kg)

Dimension: 11000 * 2000 * 1600 (mm)

After-sales service: one year

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